Currency is very diffrent from money. Most people eqaute them, but they are not the same. For instance currency is a dollar, or a pound. Money is a gold or silver coin. Its time for a list, that we need to remember the diferences about money and currency.

Currency                                            Money

Medium of Exchange                                   Yes                                               Yes

Unit of Account                                            Yes                                                Yes

Portable                                                       Yes                                                 Yes

Durable                                                        Yes                                                  Yes

Divisible                                                        Yes                                                   Yes

Fungible( an be interchangable with others)   Yes                                              Yes

Store of Value                                                   No                                              Yes

The biggest difference is  a store of value. Some people call this its value, the amount in dollars, any adjective you want to use. What a store of value is, is the set amount of value in currency you could exchange this metal for. It will always have a value, it can never crash, it will never be worthless, and it has value no matter where you go. Its a long term advancemenet to invest in currency, metal, commdieties, inventions because they wont lose value. As the American dollar can crash, gold can never cash, it could lose value in dollars, but it can always be exchanged for something, and is a good metal. Silver is even better since, if needed, it can conduct electricity. A dollar bill can not do that. The value stored in a metal like gold or silver, is a much more solid investment compared to a dollar that has a changing value everyday.

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