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This wiki is a plan for any emergency. How to survive and win. From political troubles to social breakdown. this wiki will have it all.

Being PreparedEdit

One of my main goals with all of my wiki sites, it to have people informed. So, by showing videos, making forum posts, making articles. All these different forms of online entertainment can give out facts and information a person can use. Such, as information on money, how to survive a flood, having food storage. Different topics that could one day come in handy. I don't think anyone can not be too prepared. If you have extra then you can help another person still. So, I would really encourage people to take notes, share videos with other people. Just be honest about your feeling on these issues. Your personal input means a lot because you could reveal something others have not thought about . That's the whole purpose for this wiki being prepared. Not only that, but you can always ask a more "seasoned" prepper. A one-on-one chat always helps, if you've got any questions.

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    New page: Land is always a good investment. Can you find minerals, build a area, even hit the next great oil well? All this is done by buying and producing on...
  • new page Energy
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    New page: Energy is always a best bet for investment, and i want to give you some of the best investments and values i watch for. Oil Natural Gas Oil and Gas...
  • new page Currency
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    New page: Currency is very diffrent from money. Most people eqaute them, but they are not the same. For instance currency is a dollar, or a pound. Money is a...
  • new page World Money
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    New page: Bangladeshi Taka 77.31 2014-11-22 07:11:00 USD/BDT Historical Brunei Dollar 1.2998 2014-11-22 07:11:00 USD/BND Historical Chinese Yuan Renminbi...
  • new page Our Debit
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    New page: Our debit, is the amount of currency we owe to pay back loans, pay people in the nation, and fund programs and services we create. You can find the...
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Atomic Bomb from above

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