Inflation is when the price of goods and services continue to rise in price over a time period. In America today we face this issue. As close as South America, inflation has caused major issues to a nation economy, sales, and average living. Because the price of every thing rises, an average 3 dollar loaf of bread becomes 10 dollars. A $3.15 gallon of gas rises to $8.00 per gallon. These are all variations of inflation. For instance oil inflation occurs daily. One day the price per gallon at the pump can be $3.15; then its close to 4 dollars. Then the prices changes again. This massive amount of change in a week shows great increase and decrease of its price. A major inflation issue in oil, is Middle East turmoil. This is because the Middle East has many oil fields and oil trade routes. When issues occur in their regions it makes the price of our oil change. So, the more issues nations have outside the United States come into the United States in the form of inflation.

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