Our debit, is the amount of currency we owe to pay back loans, pay people in the nation, and fund programs and services we create. You can find the level of these amounts at various sites, and we will give you some links to good sources. Yet, you can look at the debit in 3 ways, personal, national, and global. We owe on all 3 sectors, in fact just by being bornm the services that you will recive during your life, you have a part of the debit. Every citizen is part of the debit when they are born. Lets look at a chart.


FY 2014

All the perecnets of debit owed are listed, and the current amount owed is 17,859.6 Billion, as of September 30,2014.

Now, to keep looking into the debit, lets get you some good sources.

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